Thursday, April 19, 2012

Calle 13 in concert

Calle 13 is a band of music Urban, of Puerto Rico. The members of this band are René Pérez , the call him “Residente” and his stepbrother Eduardo Cabra, well-known “Visitante”. René is the vocalist and composer and Eduardo, helps in the chorus and composer of the melody. The Past Sept 9, 2011, The Band Calle13 visit Chile, and other regions of the country, but in this date they present in Santiago in the Movistar Arena, ubicate in Ohiggin’s Park. The concert started at 10 pm and to put end pass the eleven hours. The concert was so fun and they have so energy in the stage. Also to the end of the presentation they invited to join them in the last song called “Latinoamérica” Chilean musicians like Camila Moreno. The concert was in my opinion very good and I enjoyed very much.


  1. I love this group. I wish I could some day to a concert like this.

  2. Calle 13 it's a very good group. Their mixes with Latin rhythms are so cool and their protest lyrics are so direct!!! They rocks!