Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Sports

Hi everybody. Today I will talk about the sports, and the importance that have. I chose this topic because for the contingency for the Olympics games, and this year is place in London city. I want to talk about the importance that I believe the sport have to the life. I think to do a sport everyday, is important for the healthy and the body. These are reality and exist a lot of studies to prove that. We can to do sport in different forms, like for entertainment or competition, but in anyway the sport are beneficial to us. Are many sports to practice or play, like basketball, soccer, ice hockey or field hockey, volleyball, swimming, tennis, ping pong, rugby, etc. These are the most traditional, but exist a lot of others. In my personal life I practiced sports since always, since I was very little, because I've had the luck to go a school that in there teached me almost all the traditional sports. And in there I started practiced volleyball, since I was eight years old. And in the present I'm playing for the university in the team of chemical, because my career dont have team.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Hi everyone, today I'll talk about cooking. Today I will talk about cooking, and how much I like. I love cooking all kinds of things, but mostly sweet things. Since childhood I started cooking, I think this happened mainly because I spent much time with my grandmother, and she is an excellent cook, and always with her while she cooked food for me and my sisters. My grandmother taught me how to make different small things, and let me practice making things simple and basic … Then I grew up, and like I was about ten years, along with my neighbor we were doing little things sweet and simple, and we went out to sell in the neighborhood. Then when I was twelve, my mother and I had more confidence and let me do things using the oven, but always supervised by someone older. So when he was home sweet things always cooked for tea and sometimes cooking sweets and sell them to school and share. Now today usually cook sweet little things for my family and friends, and especially when I'm stressed, cooking helps me to relax and calm my thoughts. The more adult, I would like a coffee shop somewhere in the south of Chile. Here I give you a picture of my specialty, chocolate chip cookies with oatmeal and orange.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


This picture was taken for nobody, because, we used the timer of camera, in this picture we can see a beautiful place of Chile. And you can see appear to Santiago Baquedano and me, your classmates. The landscape that shows the picture, is amazing, and the location is the beginning of Austral road. For arrived there we have to travel to Puerto montt, then travel to Hornopirén, and finaly to board a ferry calling “pincoya”. In this ferry we travel like's 8 hour for arrive a place calling “Caleta gonzalo”, this place is part of “pumalin Park”. This park is very famous, and is a nature sanctuary with public access under a private initiative. Located in Palena province, region X, Chile. This picture was taken this summer, in my holidays, when my boyfriend and me went a walker traveler, into south of chile. This picture or photography likes me because, shows the beautiful that are my country, Finally, we can see and to attach importance to preserve the nature of Chile.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The photography

I choose this topic, because a think is very interesting. This is the art, science and practice of creating durable images. In a personal way, I'm not a photographer fond or less profesional, but I want write about pictures. In my life the thing of pictures are very important and part of my life, because the pictures give me the possibility of remember and saves my memories that I think are important, and I can have in paper or images in the computers, and that, is a great opportunity , no for me only, as well for my family or friends, until to future for my family The pictures or images as I can take by any camera, and than capture any moment in my life, that is the charm of photograpy for me, the pictures I most like are in black and white, Why? I dont know, but make me feel something especial.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

my mp3 player, is my most important technological device.

My mp3 player is very special to me for many reasons, one of the most important is that my boyfriend gave it to me for my birthday last year, and I just bought the one I wanted. Another reason it is very important is that always accompanies me on my trips to college and different sides of the city, giving me moments of tranquility, entertainment and the most important being that I disconnected from the city noise. It is also pink, which is my favorite color. I like to take my mp3 player with me, because it is small and convenient to carry for use in the subway or buses, because when I go visit my boyfriend at home, the journey is so long that my mp3 is a faithful company to the long journey that lasts an hour and a half. Also apart from my mp3 is music that I like, I can hear the news and be informed of the national contingency.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Calle 13 in concert

Calle 13 is a band of music Urban, of Puerto Rico. The members of this band are René Pérez , the call him “Residente” and his stepbrother Eduardo Cabra, well-known “Visitante”. René is the vocalist and composer and Eduardo, helps in the chorus and composer of the melody. The Past Sept 9, 2011, The Band Calle13 visit Chile, and other regions of the country, but in this date they present in Santiago in the Movistar Arena, ubicate in Ohiggin’s Park. The concert started at 10 pm and to put end pass the eleven hours. The concert was so fun and they have so energy in the stage. Also to the end of the presentation they invited to join them in the last song called “Latinoamérica” Chilean musicians like Camila Moreno. The concert was in my opinion very good and I enjoyed very much.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My autobiography

Hi, ,my name is Valentina Rojas, I have thenty one years old. I was born in Santiago of Chile. I lives with muy parents and sisters. My father works in a bank the last teen years, and my mother always was work in the same place, that is Laboratorio Chile. I have one sisters is students and the other is a nurs and work in Clinica Las condes. This year I am a worker and students too, because a whant save money to travel in my hollidays of summer. And for this reason a dont have soo much free time, but when I have time likes play vollyball, soccers, and ass well a loves coocking sweets things. The things more important in my life are my grandmother and muy family. My family and I, we have the tradition of visit my grandmother every friday, and always share de evening meal together at 7 pm.