Thursday, May 24, 2012


This picture was taken for nobody, because, we used the timer of camera, in this picture we can see a beautiful place of Chile. And you can see appear to Santiago Baquedano and me, your classmates. The landscape that shows the picture, is amazing, and the location is the beginning of Austral road. For arrived there we have to travel to Puerto montt, then travel to Hornopirén, and finaly to board a ferry calling “pincoya”. In this ferry we travel like's 8 hour for arrive a place calling “Caleta gonzalo”, this place is part of “pumalin Park”. This park is very famous, and is a nature sanctuary with public access under a private initiative. Located in Palena province, region X, Chile. This picture was taken this summer, in my holidays, when my boyfriend and me went a walker traveler, into south of chile. This picture or photography likes me because, shows the beautiful that are my country, Finally, we can see and to attach importance to preserve the nature of Chile.

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  1. I have many memories of that place, the best of my life.