Monday, June 4, 2012


Hi everyone, today I'll talk about cooking. Today I will talk about cooking, and how much I like. I love cooking all kinds of things, but mostly sweet things. Since childhood I started cooking, I think this happened mainly because I spent much time with my grandmother, and she is an excellent cook, and always with her while she cooked food for me and my sisters. My grandmother taught me how to make different small things, and let me practice making things simple and basic … Then I grew up, and like I was about ten years, along with my neighbor we were doing little things sweet and simple, and we went out to sell in the neighborhood. Then when I was twelve, my mother and I had more confidence and let me do things using the oven, but always supervised by someone older. So when he was home sweet things always cooked for tea and sometimes cooking sweets and sell them to school and share. Now today usually cook sweet little things for my family and friends, and especially when I'm stressed, cooking helps me to relax and calm my thoughts. The more adult, I would like a coffee shop somewhere in the south of Chile. Here I give you a picture of my specialty, chocolate chip cookies with oatmeal and orange.

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